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The Healers Quest

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

4 Day Sacred Retreat with Jenni Abdelnoor and Beverley Iffla

4 Day Sacred Retreat


Jenni Abdelnoor and Beverley Iffla

Would you like to know all is well?

Would you like to deepen your connection to yourself?

Would you like to know how to weave the fabric of your new life?

The Healers Quest allows a deep holding and opening of the pathways within the body to clear and animate your Hearts Intelligence. Finding your True North and being able to always access it is the foundation to authentic wellbeing. Turn your Lifes questions and your life Healing Quest, through the body's alchemy into directional Gold.

Beverley and Jenni will take you on your Healers Quest over four days igniting your Principal Soul Grid.

Expect to be Deeply Held, Expect to be Loved, Expect to walk within the Labyrinth, Expect to Understand yourself better, Expect to shift outmoded Beliefs and Conditioning, Expect to connect to yourself in Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Movement, Body and Heart.

Expect The Unexpected

Deposit $700

Price: $1299\ early bird $1199 before November 30th

Time: Friday 17th January 12pm - Monday 20th January 1pm

Message to reserve your place and receive payment details.

Jenni Abdelnoor

Space is your Lace – Relationship your Grace – Soul is your Weaver

Jenni will walk with you into Spaces of Sacred Knowing and deep remembrance to reclaim your Path of Right Relationship to your Souls Embodiment and enable you to honour and release your Sacred Complaint on this Earth Walk so that you can fully activate the Potency and Specificity of your Medicine.

Jenni will also facilitate a powerful Rite of Passage that anchors your consciousness and Body’s navigation systems to the power of Te Wheke – The Octopus; the template of Multidimensional

The oneness that heralds your Healers arrival and liberation

Beverley Iffla

Cleansing - Grounding - Reweaving

Beverley uses her incredible sound to welcome and ground you more deeply to the Earth and the loving support she holds for you. Healing the disconnect between nature and humanity with the assistance of the Ancient Ascended Elders brings about a deeper connection with your Soul here on Earth.

She will take you on a journey to find patterns that keep you from fully enjoying your life and role as a Healer using her Chakra tuned crystal bowls and her deeply resonate voice to remove blockages and bring love and peace to the wounded aspects of self culminating in a special reconnection ceremony.

A Little About Te Moata:

Te Moata Retreat Centre 180 Paul Rd Tairua, 3544 New Zealand

“Te Moata holds a really special place in my heart. I always leave Te Moata refreshed, full of appreciation and clear about my priorities in life. Maniisha Wiessing

If you haven’t been to Te Moata before you’re in for a real treat. The grounds are simple, beautiful and If you haven’t been to Te Moata before you’re in for a real treat. The grounds are simple, beautiful and have been created with great love and respect for nature. Spending time on the land is in of itself a real privilege and an absolute delight.


Please note that your accommodation is shared accommodation; Dormitory or Two people to a room. The fee has been included.

Some single cabins available at an extra cost.


Te Moata is known for the excellent quality of vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten free meals they provide.

Special dietary requirements are catered for and is a little extra.

We’ll be in touch once your deposit or full payment has been received to get the details from you.

Contact us to discuss this amazing retreat further.

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