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About Shekina

Beverley Iffla founded Shekina as a way to support people who wished to change their lives and  their life’s journey into a future of their own choosing.

Beverley first started working with people who were frustrated in their efforts to find a more positive and meaningful life. She noted that these clients were trying to introduce new ideas without first addressing the behaviours and beliefs which created the blocks in the first place.
Bev works with her clients to integrate their shadow with the whole.

"We can’t be walking around with parts of ourselves disowned. My clients receive the gift of discovering what lies behind the fear of who they really are."

The Way Across

The Shekina philosophy purports it is not just one modality which is the answer. Rather, the connect between Teacher and Student; Facilitator and Client.

Bev is a trained Bowen Therapist and Reiki Master. After adding Sound Healing with the crystal bowls to her repertoire,  Bev continued to include modalities such as Muscle Testing, Art Therapy, Readings, Counselling and Group Retreat Work.

The modalities work together to create a medicine bag from which Bev will pick and choose the right activity at the right time to assist the right client.


This wide range of services combines to provide a complete healing session.

Clients can begin with one-to-one sessions, or can choose to attend  bespoke residential and non-residential retreats.

Workshops & Retreats

Modalities to evoke change & soothe transition

Take The
First Step

In your session with Bev you can address areas of your life which may be causing concern. Bev will include a reading and some on-the-spot- healing. Best of all she will h...
Inspirational Meetup with Bev
1 hr
$20 - $250



Words can hardly express gratefulness I have in my heart for work Bev has done for me and with me. She listened, supported, addressed the issue at its core and helped me heal it completely with grace and integrity. Bev has the ability to integrate intuition and common sense and bridge deep groundedness and elevated higher realms. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bev to anyone who wants to expand their mind, improve their health or just explore their whole being.



I would like to thank you for last Thursdays session of Spirit Doctors.

It was the most moving experience I have ever encountered. 

In 20 plus years of involvement in the spiritual world I was blown away and still I’m feeling the effects, as you said we might. 

Love and Light
Dianne Drinnan

I just want to share some feelings with you, about our session.
I can say that this session brought something unexpected that I have been chasing for a long time, as if a gap in my heart had been filled. I have spent years and years crying because I was feeling so lonely. Sometimes it was really unbearable, sometimes I asked to die, I was tired of fighting by myself all the time. But now, this feeling is totally gone.


Paris, France


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Phone Number: 021 082 52027   /     Email: bev@shekina.co.nz    /    465 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland   

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